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Stretch marks might not have any effect on your general health, but their appearance can affect your body image immensely. At Sunshine Medical Center LLC in Sarasota, Florida, Soordal Prakash, MD, and Shanthi Prakash, MD, perform nonablative fractional laser treatments to minimize stretch marks that appear after situations like weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or muscle gain. To find out if you’re a candidate for stretch mark treatment, call Sunshine Medical Center LLC, or book online today.

Stretch Mark Treatment Q&A

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are scar-like marks that you develop on your skin when it stretches beyond its capacity, stretches too quickly, or shrinks. Women are far more likely to get stretch marks than men, but anyone can get them. 

If you have stretch marks on your buttocks, thighs, abdomen, or other areas, they may have developed after:

  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle growth from weight training

Stretch marks, which can be darker or lighter than the tone of your skin, appear when the collagen and elastin bands within your skin rupture or tear. While they usually don’t cause symptoms, they might feel itchy or irritable when they first appear. 

If you have stretch marks, you might feel self-conscious about the way your skin looks. You might find yourself gravitating toward full-coverage clothes and swimwear in an effort to conceal them. Fortunately, stretch marks are treatable. 

What is stretch mark treatment?

Sunshine Medical Center LLC offers stretch mark treatment with a non-surgical fractional laser resurfacing procedure. The laser device sends concentrated beams of light deep into your skin and tissues in order to encourage new collagen and elastin growth. Collagen and elastin are two vital fibrous proteins that give your skin its structure.

Each laser stretch mark treatment at Sunshine Medical Center LLC lasts for about 30 minutes and does not require any downtime for recovery. You can go about your day as usual as soon as your treatment is over.

By promoting collagen and elastin growth from the inside, nonablative laser treatment results in long-term stretch mark reduction. The stretch marks might not disappear entirely, but laser stretch mark treatment can make them significantly less noticeable. 

Are the results of stretch mark treatment permanent?

For the best possible results from laser stretch mark treatment, you should get between one and six nonablative laser treatments. The team at Sunshine Medical Center LLC examines your skin before the treatment to let you know how many treatments you need, and you should book these sessions 3-4 weeks apart. 

The results of laser stretch mark treatment usually last for years. However, you can continue to develop new stretch marks in the same areas and for the same reasons. Of course, you can get repeated stretch mark treatments in the future if your stretch marks return. 

To schedule your stretch mark treatment consultation and improve your skin’s appearance, call Sunshine Medical Center LLC, or book online today.

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