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A healthy body and vibrant life in your geriatric years start with compassionate care at Sunshine Medical Center LLC. In their conveniently located Sarasota, Florida, office, experienced geriatrics experts Soordal Prakash, MD, and Shanthi Prakash, MD, take a patient-centered approach to make sure that you enjoy your senior years to the very fullest. Call the office or book your appointment with online scheduling now.

Geriatrics Q&A

What is geriatrics care?

Geriatrics care is medical care that's customized for the particular needs of seniors. Because the body changes with age, it's important to have a geriatrics care provider who understands how those changes affect your overall health and wellness. 

What health problems are common in geriatric adults?

Geriatric adults have an increased risk of problems, including: 

Cognitive decline

Cognitive decline includes Alzheimer's disease and non-Alzheimer's dementias. Recognizing the early warning signs is important in slowing disease progression, so Sunshine Medical Center LLC regularly screens geriatric patients for cognitive decline. 

Function and mobility problems

Geriatric patients are prone to balance issues, joint pain, and other issues that impact function and mobility. Sunshine Medical Center LLC checks function and mobility regularly, and also puts preventive plans in place to help you avoid falls and injuries. They also offer treatments like joint pain injections to ease pain and improve mobility. 

Immune system weakening

As you age, your immune system weakens, and you're less able to fight off illnesses like a cold and the flu. Some simple measures like yearly flu vaccinations and healthy eating can boost your natural immunity.  

Heart disease

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in Americans over the age of 65. With regular heart screenings and preventive care measures like a heart-healthy diet, you can minimize your risk. 

Many other health problems, including chronic illnesses like diabetes, grow more common as you age. You may also need assistance with medication management.

Sunshine Medical Center LLC takes an integrative whole-body approach to maintain your health and prevent illness in your geriatric years.

At what age should I begin geriatrics care?

The exact age at which you need geriatrics care can vary. There's no set age or set of circumstances that automatically means you're geriatric, but in general, patients may need geriatric care starting anywhere from age 65-85. 

The Sunshine Medical Center LLC team acts as a primary care provider for all of its patients, and they shift your care to meet your needs as you age. 

Sunshine Medical Center LLC is proud to offer the best geriatrics care in Sarasota. Find out how you can protect your health and improve your bodywide wellness as you age by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online now.

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